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I could listen to a sequencer all day long and I love making small changes to them. I also love the XFX Wave oscillator from Blamsoft and I wondered about a sequencer that could control the parameters of it on a step by step basis. Squonk from NSynthi was the closest I could find and it does have ratcheting.
Well this patch is only for the patch really, not for the music although I like it. I decided to look at how I could increase the number of voltage controls available to each step and this was my solution. Squonk is used to provide the step address voltages to switch-16. Each input step of Switch-16 is supplied by a polycon8 from Bogaudio. The output of Switch-16 is then split giving 8 controls for each step as it is address by the sequencer.
I put a list of which row was controlling what at the side and started playing! Pitch, release and Wave shape or the main ones I use here. For the pitch and wave, I added a couple of mixed in BPM LFOs from Frozen Wasteland.
I think I’ve barely scratched the surface of the fun to be had with this set up and hope you download it from
If you’re a developer looking for ideas, a sequencer that does this with 16 vc per channel and the BPM pattern facility would be a great toy!
Thanks for listening

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