An Organelle version of the Critter & Guitari Septavox synthesizer. Based on this Pd object:

Aux button selects play mode. Knob 1 controls waveform, knob 2 controls tuning, knobs 3 and 4 change depending on the mode.

2 comments on “Septavox
  • bojean on said:

    Thank you, this is fantastic! Instantly one of my favourite patches. I love my Organelle, but still missed my Pocket Piano for the sheer simplicity of one-button switching between a few basic patches. I don’t miss it anymore :)
    One small caveat for me – the decay/release for the Slide mode is unusually long, makes it difficult to play anything but 4-note chords. I never played the original Septavox so I don’t know if it’s intended or not

  • obay on said:

    Good job! loved it (*___^___*)

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