Send Active Sensing

Active Sensing messages via an LFO


This preset implements a pipeline that generates active sensing messages via an LFO,

The standard frequency of active sensing messages is “once at least every 300 milliseconds” which works out to about 3.33Hz. The frequency of the pipeline can be adjusted via the frequency of the LFO which should be half of the desired frequency.

Implementation details

Active sensing message should be sent once at least every 300 milliseconds or with a frequency of about 3.33Hz.

The pipeline starts with an LFO. The LFO is generating a PWM waveform with 50% duty cycle and 64 depth. This generates two messages during each cycle, one with value 0 and another with value 127. The frequency of the messages is twice of the LFO itself.

The generated CC messages are then replaced with active sensing messages via the Transform pipe.

Due to the frequency of the messages being twice of the LFO frequency, the LFO frequency needs to be half of the desired frequency. In case of the standard active sensing messages that works out to be about 1.67Hz.

If you need to forward the active sensing messages to multiple ports, instead of duplicating the pipeline you can send the messages first to a virtual MIDI port, and then route that port to the desired MIDI ports.

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