Semi-Melodic Generative

I’m slowly learning modular synthesis and this is my first attempt at a semi-melodic patch using VCV Rack 2. For this, I’m using three oscillators and a noise generator. Each of the three oscillators create the tone for the chords, the arpeggiator, and the bass. The noise generator adds some background texture. All modules used are freely available. If you haven’t downloaded all of the free VCV Rack 2 modules by now, do it! Do it now!

A massive thank you to Omri Cohen for his amazing series of tutorial videos.
Check out Omni’s channel at

UPDATE: 10-JUN-2022
Changes the oscillators for the arpeggiator and for the chords. Also switched from the VCV ASDR modules to the BogAudio modules to save some space. Additional text modules were added for documentation, and a keyboard decoration was added as filler to show the chords currently playing.

I’m beginning to learn that in modular synthesis, much like in programming, documentation of your work is essential. Not only does it help others understand what you’re doing, but it helps you remember when you look at your work a couple days later.

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