Segmenti Arp – Stereo

***Segmenti Arp Stereo is identical to Segmenti Arp except that it records a right and left track and arpeggiates them independently.***

Segmenti Arp Stereo records a sample, slices it up 24 ways, and assigns a slice to its respective Organelle key (1-24). It then arpeggiates the pitch of the segment. There are nine arpeggio patterns to select from. The segment playback speed is adjustable and independent of pitch.

There are two patch screens:
The first screen, ‘Sample View’, is for recording and selecting which part of the sample you want to use. Knob1 sets global start point. Knob2 sets overall length. Aux button starts/stops recording (24 seconds max record time (1 sec/key).

‘Parameter Display’ is the second screen and is for playback control. Latch and sequence segments with Aux. On this screen, Knob1 sets tempo. Knob2 selects arpeggio pattern. Knob3 controls envelope. Knob4 is segment playback speed and direction.

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