“Searching” – VCV Generative Ambient Patch

My goal for this ambient patch was to get an orchestral sound using multiple sound layers over a chord. My approach to generative chords was to use the VCV Random module to select different pre determined chords using the ADDR SEQ and Chord-Key. The chord key module contains 3 different chords with multiple inversions for sound variation. The random modules allow for generative selection between the different chords and their inversions simultaneously. The timbre and volume variation comes from the wonderful frolic module and its beautiful tricorder visualizer both from the sapphire collection. The Cosmosis module was used for the individual notes. The trigger buffer was added to sync the trigger events to a clock while still having some randomness using the different constellation patterns. Also thanks to DanT for the beautiful “Purfenator” visual module. I hope you enjoy this patch it has been one of my favorites to create and I’m happy how the sound layers turned out.

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