The left-hand turntable for flexi sampler, the right-hand one for real-time audio source.


The algorithm of the turntable has been improved and now works more smoothly and naturally.
Added flexi sampler module, loop length can be 4 beat, 8 beat or 16 beat.
The loop’s phase has two modes: sync and free.
The buffer length of the real-time audio source has been increased to 4 beats, now you need to wait for 4beat to finish the initial buffer.
Turntable speed can now be adjusted.

FYI, if anyone is interested in turning xy pad into a turntable. There is a packaged algorithm module inside the preset that outputs the turntable speed by simply entering x, y.

Sliding clockwise on the truntable is fast forward, and sliding counterclockwise is fast rewind. The speed of the tape depends on the speed of finger slide.

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  • zhou-jing on said:

    With this preset, it works better if you map the turntable’s x,y,gate to the hardware XY pad, or to the XY pad AUv3

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