Scale Compendium

Scale Compendium by Bryan Appel, v1.5.1

This script will quantize incoming MIDI notes to a preset scale, of which over 30 are included along with their associated modes. Also included are an assortment of common triads and 7th chords.

Scales are organized in three banks. There are up to ten scales per bank, with each scale having a number of modes equal to the number of notes in the scale (except for the symetrical scales, which are a special case).

Press the SHIFT key to change banks. Use the SCALE knob to select the scale and the MODE knob to select the mode. The KEY knob changes the root note.

the STYLE knob determines what the script will do when it encounters a note outside the scale. STYLE 1 will filter out all out-of-scale notes; only notes in the scale will sound. STYLE 2 & 3 will move out-of-scale notes to the nearest scale note, but if there are two equally distant notes, STYLE 2 will move to the higher note while STYLE 3 will move to the lower note. STYLE 4 will always move up to the next scale step regardless of distance whereas STYLE 5 will always move down to the previous step. STYLE 6 will quantize toward the root, perfect fifth, or major or minor third whenever possible. STYLE 7 uses a random coin toss to determine whether to quantize up or down.

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  • Revision: 1.5.2
  • License: MIT License
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17 comments on “Scale Compendium
  • Pejman on said:

    Very very useful and perfect.
    But pantatonics and blues scales?

  • Bryan on said:

    Version 1.1 update changes:

    * Added a new quantization style: Random.
    * Added a blurb to the description to prompt the user to scroll down.

  • Bryan on said:

    Hi Pejman, thanks for your comment. There are pentatonic scales in bank 2, scales 6-9. I didn’t add the blues scale since it’s just the minor pentatonic with the flat 5 used as a passing tone. But I can include it in the next update.

  • Bryan on said:

    There is one “blues scale already included in my script; namely, the 2nd mode of the Harmonic Major (Bank 1, Scale 3, Mode 2). In my script this mode is called “Dorian b5” but it’s identical to the Heptatonic Blues Scale described here:

    In the next update I will include the other two blues scales, the Hexatonic Blues Scale (i.e., the minor pentatonic with a flat 5) and the Nonatonic (9-note) Blues Scale.

  • Bryan on said:

    Version 1.3 changes:

    * Added blues scales
    * Version number correct in description.

  • Pejman on said:

    Thanks Bryan.
    You’re right. I did not notice . The new version is perfect . Very Thanks .

  • Pejman on said:

    Hi Bryan
    Can I request for creating patch in mozaic ?. Because for me is difficult. Although I have read the mozaic guide, it still seems to me to be complex.
    I have 2 ideas, that there is no still in mozaic patches.
    Or Where can I put my request publicly in the mozaic section. If you do not want to build them.
    Or help me for creating them , If you have the time.

  • Bryan on said:

    Version 1.4 changes:

    * MIDI handling has been completely rewritten to be more robust. (Thanks to user mbncp on the Audiobus forum for the helpful advice!)

    * All non-note MIDI data (pitch bends, mod wheel, CC’s, etc.) passes through unaltered, meaning you can now use this script for live playing.

    * Legato playing is supported.

    * New scale added: “Scriabin’s Prometheus”

    * Scales have been re-ordered to make them more accessible; e.g., pentatonics are at the beginning of Bank 2 and triads & chords are at the beginning of Bank 3, thus making it easy to switch between them using only the Shift button.

  • Pejman on said:

    Thanks Bryan. I will post my requests to audiobus forum , thanks for help .
    I have downloaded new version of scale compendium 1,4 but in script , shows 1,3 version, instead of 1,4 .

  • Bryan on said:

    Pejman, That’s strange. I just downloaded it myself and it is definitely the correct version with the correct version number. Anyway, perhaps try downloading it again and see if that helps. Sorry about the hassle.

  • Pejman on said:

    I should have erased previous versions , Until the new version is installed properly .
    Now is ok.

  • Bryan on said:

    Version 1.4.1 Bugfix

    * Fixed a spelling error in the 3rd mode of the Major Pentatonic (Man Gong). The scale should have a flat 7th, not a major 6th.

    * The 4th mode of the Major Pentatonic, which I refer to as the Scottish Pentatonic, is the same as the Japanese Yo scale. Since this name is used in several other apps, I have added this to the scale name. In general, every scale has multiple names, depending on the musical tradition. I have sometimes chosen the most common name, sometimes the most descriptive relative to the Western European tradition, and sometimes I have chosen the most “interesting” name.

  • Bryan on said:

    Version 1.5

    * Added MIT Licensing information.

  • Bryan on said:

    Version 1.5.1

    * Corrected a couple minor typos in the scale descriptions.

  • Bryan on said:

    Version 1.5.2

    * Script should now respond properly to those controllers that use a note on with zero velocity midi message instead of a note off.

  • midicode on said:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for all this work! I am yet to test this out but I am impressed by your work!

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