Scala FX

Scala FX is used to turn standard MIDI input into scale specific MIDI output using a scala style format. The script needs to have a source of MIDI notes routed to it. It will only work with synths that respond to MIDI pitchbend messages. It loads a scale using ratios and remaps incoming MIDI notes to the new scale. Any scales with more than 12 tones are expected to come from different MIDI channels (12 tones per channel across the range of octaves). C triggers the first tone in the scale. The chromatic (12ET) scale is the default scale.

Preserves the velocity of the notes sent to it.
Set the Pitchbend range to match your synth(s).

You can use the script to randomly generate scales by selecting the number of tones you want in your scale.

For more details read the instructions in the text description loaded in with the Scala FX script. You will need to scroll down to read all of the instructions.

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    Thank you for creating this! absolutely fantastic.

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