Saxobone (guitar controlled mono synth)

I was messing around with using my guitar to control zoia synths and accidentally created what sounds like a saxophone/trombone hybrid.

The input is mono (left) but that could be changed pretty easily. Works with a stereo output or mono because it’s using a stereo room reverb.

The only control you may wanna tweak is the value module (top right) that is controlling how much the low pass filter opens. Depending on how loud the guitar signal is going into the zoia it will change how much the filter opens so just adjust that to taste and have fun!

4 comments on “Saxobone (guitar controlled mono synth)
  • Pfister37 on said:

    Great stuff! Thanks!

  • personalnadir on said:

    Gotta be one of the best Zoia patches out there

  • chkbeto on said:

    Just wow! I just bought a zoia for my clarinet, this patch is definitely one of most interestign patches I’ve seen so far. Thank you for sharing!

  • HopefulUtopian on said:

    Holy crap. This is one of the BEST patches for ZOIA. I edited it a little to make it a little less sax-y and more brassy, and it sounds just like a brass group. I am blown away. Thank you for this patch.

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