SampleStretcher 1.0

UPDATE: Much better version, please re-download if you have the old one. Now with sampling capabilities and full loop length playback

-notes 60 – 81 select a sample for playback, or to be recorded. You can also pre-load samples in the wav folder using the naming convention.

-note 82 mutes the playback/effected voice (but lets input come through), note 83 allows it to play back again

-To record: Select a note, and hold AUX or Footswitch for up to a minute while inputting audio. When you release, sample should begin playing back through stretched effect. If the sample does not play/re-load, just hit the same note again and it will re-load.

-To play: Simply hit a note to start playing and tweak away.

-TIP: Be careful with that AUX button, once you record over a key’s sample it is gone. Make backups.

Hi guys – This is a simple patch based on a PD helpfile (B14 Rockafella) that can drastically slow down/speed up/pitch a sample. I just added reverb and some controls ( and now sampling)

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7 comments on “SampleStretcher 1.0
  • jooga1972 on said:

    Love this patch a lot. If it’ll handle longer samples at some point it’ll just get more awesome. For the time being, here’s a track I did based on a soundclip from a 1960s USA cold war propaganda film. The full sample would sound like ‘We have the air, we have the power and they know it’ but here it got only up to ‘we have the air’, hence the track title. Also starring were the OP-1, Mopho x4, Sub37 and a bunch of fx boxes.
    Thanks for the patch!

  • shreeswifty on said:

    Blavatsky, did you right click on properties for the array and set the size to 44,100x number of second you want?
    Also make sure if you are recording that you set the delay for the on/off to be 5000 + etc?

  • Blavatsky on said:

    shreeswifty – I didn’t know this was necessary, let me see if I can try this – I am still pretty new to PD. Is there an example of this perhaps you know of I can look at?

  • shreeswifty on said:

    Just go to your patch, open the array you have to fiddle a little bit but you will get properties at some point on the array and for size enter 44,100x the length you want and put that in the size

  • jooga1972 on said:

    Fantastic update, been into it all afternoon! Thanks!

  • Antonio Gonzalez on said:

    Do you receive a blip sound when you change from sample to sample? I did add 10 seconds samplers, too long maybe?
    Thanks for this patch!

  • min yu on said:

    It’s the best time-stretching patch I’ve come to find so far for Organelle. Thank you so much XX

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