Sample or load up to 12 sounds or loops, then chop them up, loop, reverse filter.
Then sequence, resample to a new file, mutate, sequence, resample…..
Inspired by early digital samplers and tape music.

Pressing Keys 1-12 plays the sample and allows you to edit parameters for that value
Pressing keys 13-24 allows you to edit parameters without retriggering
Move the knob ~2% before it starts responding after switching sample slot

On pages 1,2,4, aux controls a sequencer
On page 3 aux records audio sequence to a new wav file.

All samples are stored in /Media/samples/ starting at the base of your USB drive.
You must create this folder before running the patch.
I’ve also uploaded an archive with some to get you started (mainly field recordings and other organelle patches) here:
This patch will find files in that folder ending in .wav (case sensitive!).

Samples/Loops recorded in this patch are saved in the format sn_####.wav

P1 – sample
1 sample select
2 pitch
3 pan
4 volume
Aux seq play/stop/record

P2 – loop
1 sample start point
2 sample send point – (if less than start value playback is reversed)
3 playback mode – gate/ oneshot / loop / pingpong
4 Env – adds attack and decay, if 0 samples may click
Aux seq play/stop/record
Note – start/end can actually start/end slightly before the sample

P3 – mix/record – (global effects, pre-recorder)
1 – locut – lowpass filter
2 – hicut – highpass filter
3 – input vol- volume of input to monitor in as well as to record
4 – Resample Vol – volume of output of samples to record (set to 0 to only record input)
Aux- press to arm, if the sequencer is playing the recording will automatically sync with the next iteration of the loop
If the sequencer is idle, press again to start recording, play the keys or input to line-in, then press to end (max 15 seconds)
All recordings are mono.

P4 – FX (recorder does not go through the FX)
1 – delay feedback
2 – delay time
3 – reverb size
4 – reverb mix

1: After loading a recorded sequence and loading it into a new slot, you can record a new sequence in sync with the first one.
Play the recorded sample while playing a new sequence.
You can then turn the volume off on the last recorded sequence and record the new sequence to a file
After you make a set of synchronized sequences , then load them into slots and make a song structure by triggering the loops for different parts/layers/sections.

2: Fiddling with pitch and sample loop end points in real-time for some interesting effects

3: Most parameters are saved when the patch is shutdown, but if samples are added/removed from the samples directory, each slot may have a different sample

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14 comments on “samplenest
  • Fred Becker on said:

    Hi! This look great! I can’t get it running right now, I don’t understand where the media/sample/ file should be created? As it is now nothing appears on page 1 Sample when I move the knobs. Values appear when playing the notes but no sound. I also downloaded your sounds, where should I put the patch? Thanks in advance for the help. Fred

  • WyrdAl on said:

    You need to make a ‘Media’ folder at the base of your USB drive, the make a ‘samples’ folder in that with wav files in it. Let me know if that works or if your still cant make any sound.

  • Fred Becker on said:

    Yes! Thanks it’s working fine now… Still need to give it some time to get into this nice one!!! Best regards

  • Prof Plom on said:

    Hi, your patch looks amazing! I set up my MIDI folder as you described. When I tried to record my patch froze up the system. I did a hard reboot and it happened twice. Thanks for your work

  • WyrdAl on said:

    Hi Prof Plom,
    Can you make sure the folder name is correct ( ‘Media\samples\’ with the correct case).
    Also what OS version are you using, and were there any samples in the folder when you started?

  • Ziv Eliraz on said:

    Hi! This is really awesome!

    One question (or request if it isn’t supported now) – I just want to jam live and not create a sequence. I want to be able to start loops and just have them keep going, while I bring others in and out.

    I guess what I’m asking for is for “trigger” for LOOP and PINGPONG mode. Is that possible now or does it require a change?


  • WyrdAl on said:

    Hi, thats not possible now, but seems like a good feature so could be in a future version!

  • Ziv Eliraz on said:

    Great! Please also consider adding the ability to record time independent loops on the fly too – I think that plus my previous comment would make this a killer app!

  • keeluhatv on said:

    Hi, I’m very new here got an organelle off CL a couple weeks ago. So I wnna say Thank You to anyone reading this for anything you may have done to make this instrument so fun and useful and clever and curiosity potentiating.

    From this description it seems unclear whether this patch can record samples… I see it records sequences and it reads sample from the root folder… but how can this root folder be sampled into.

    I’m very keen on the idea of developing multiple palettes of samples, on the organelle, and using the computer as little as possible for sample management (backing things up, etc), loading new patches.

    And then it would be ideal if these sample banks could be accessed from other patches.

    So for instance there’s this patch, Samplenest that reads/plays it’s sounds from” /Media/samples/”
    but then there is an alternate version of the patch which reads its sounds from “/Media/samples/ 2”

    and then there could be alt versions of the 1008 samplers which their samplers play sounds from either of these “/Media/samples/ …” palettes.

  • WyrdAl on said:

    hi keeluhatv,
    Yep you can record samples in the patch.
    You could modify the patch so it uses a different folder, I descibe it in a post here:
    There’s also beta version with some new functionality there as well.
    It also should be possible to modify 1008 to modify 1008 to read from those folders, might be a bit more involved though.

  • Matreve on said:

    The best!

  • Okayokay on said:

    Hey! Really excited to try this, but I’m also confused about where to put the media folder. I see that I’m meant to put the /Media/Samples folder at the base of the USB drive… but what if I’m not using a USB drive? What if I’m putting this directly on the SD card? Should it just be on the main patches page?

    Edit: Oh, I think I figured it out from the discussion here:

  • six_wax on said:

    Fun stuff! How do I clear/erase a sequence?

  • Drew Dickey on said:

    This is an awesome patch, really happy I stumbled upon this. I was curious (kind of new to organelle) if this is something that could be used with orac. I have been diving into orac and think a module / patch of this caliber would be an incredible addition to orac! Not sure if it is already possible outside of my realm of knowledge, just figured I’d check! Cheers and thx

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