Based on Samplenest, Sampletwig, Polytwig, … Samplement : multi-processed polyphonic (5 voices) velocity-sensitive stereo “tape” sampler module for Orac 2.0 (Organelle) that loads .wav samples (up to 60sec long at 44.1kHz, 28sec at 96kHz) from 28 media folders without audio dropouts.

#1 : copy samplement_2-1.zop to /Patches
#2 : reload the Organelle (menu Storage -> Reload)
#3 : run “Install samplement…”

v2.1 : now velocity sensitive

v2.0 : minor UI bugfix (with modes)

v1.9 : startup UI bugfix

v1.8 : Sample source added (position -1 = /media/orac/captures) for compatibility with the capture module (1.4) , now installed into /media/orac/usermodules/sampler

v1.7 : no more audio dropouts when loading samples + bugfix : max sample length was 7sec in v1.6, it’s now 60sec.

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  • Category: Sampler
  • Revision: 2.1
  • License: GNU General Public License v3.0
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  • Modified: 7 months ago
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2 comments on “Samplement
  • FPA on said:

    I, i dont understand how that patch work? i use orac on a pi; do you know if it is compatible because no sample were played ever? thank you

  • ëlectrafa on said:

    Hi @FPA , i don’t know if it’s compatible but if orac works then i guess it should be, after loading it you have to move the knob1 value first to select a folder and scan its content, then move knob 2 to select a sample and wait a second for it to load, from then it should be playable from the keys/MIDI… of course the samples have to be placed into the right folder(s), hope this helps ✌️

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