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This script contains two independent MIDI CC Sample and Hold devices. Each S&H is routed to a simple CC processor with GAIN attenuverter, OFFSET, and SLEW control. Select the CC to be sampled with the knobs on the far left. The range of the knob is set by the upper left side pads. The second knob from the left has multiple functions depending on the mode set by the right pad. There are four modes: CLOCK SYNC, FREE RUNNING, NOTE TRIG S&H and NOTE TRIG T&H. CLOCK SYNC is syncronized to the host tempo and will sample and hold the incoming CC value at a rate set by the CLOCK knob. The host transport must be playing for this mode to function (a warning will appear if the host is not running). FREE RUNNING uses an internal clock not syncronized to the host. NOTE TRIG S&H and NOTE TRIG T&H will trigger when an incoming MIDI Note On message is received. The difference is that NOTE TRIG T&H (Track & Hold) only holds the CC value while MIDI Note On is held; otherwise it tracks the input (i.e., the CC passes through uneffected). The SKIP knob sets how many Note On messages must occur before a CC value is held.

The XY PAD displays the output of one of the S&H devices. The lower left pad determines which device’s output is displayed. Press and hold SHIFT to show the values of the knobs.

4 comments on “Sample & Hold
  • Acoustiman on said:

    @Bryan:thx for programming a new innovative midi utility again👍.Because of its complexity a tutorial video would be useful.

  • midicode on said:

    You are truly an audio engineer. Is an arpeggiator release still on the roadmap? Very interested to see your take on it.

  • Harro on said:

    I have a small (?) bug to report: when using clock sync (for both S&H devices) and I STOP and then PLAY AUM (as host for Mozaic), the message “Host Not Running!” does NOT go away…

  • Bryan on said:

    Version 1.0.1

    * Fixed a bug where the “Hist not running” warning would appear but never go away. Thanks to Harro for the bug report.

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