Samchillian 1.3.1

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  • Category: Other Sequencer Utility
  • Revision: 1.3.1
  • License: GNU Lesser General Public License family
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  • Modified: 6 months ago
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10 comments on “Samchillian
  • Alfred_Rademakers on said:

    Here is a demo for people who have hardly any au plugins.
    It uses Numa Player and BlamSoft effects wich are free.
    AUFX:Push is something to invest in if you don’t have it.

    Again just press play in AUM.

  • alfred_rademakers on said:

    A demo for Samchillian 1.2

    New :
    Keybindings for MiniLab2
    Other keyboards shift 2 octaves down
    Change scales during playback
    Uses Mozaic built in scales
    Modwheel record

  • kalyas_washere on said:

    The speed is fierce) caught my eye on the aufx push, I thought once again why no one would write anything under the Ableton push? Isn’t it possible or is it just being boycott?

  • alfred_rademakers on said:

    Think it is a bit expensive for ordinary iPad musicians.
    Now if anybody would donate a push;-)

  • alfred_rademakers on said:

    A demo for Samchillian 1.3

    Root note selection now steps through the circle of fifths.
    More scales added.
    Knob bindings for the minLab2, use the startup mode, (mode 1 for Analog Lab).

  • acoustiman on said:

    Thanks for this great adaptation of Meesha 1.2. Especially the possibility to use a remote midi keyboard instead of the virtual pads and the circle of fifths implementation. I have one wish: can you please implement the possibility to save the sequences like in Meesha 1.2?

  • alfred_rademakers on said:

    There was a mistake in the previous demo. The keyboard knob cc’s were doubled by a part of the midi effect chain that is meant to convert polyphonic aftertouch to modwheel.
    This made the key selection jump with steps of 2…
    After some filtering this now works correctly.

  • alfred_rademakers on said:

    Explanation of the midi effects used:

    DataReducer, to tame the amount of modheel messages sent by the MinLab2
    Samchillian, the relative keyboard plugin
    Quadruplicator, to make 4 copies of the modheel signal
    CurveMaker, to make those 4 copies do different things
    Control Converter, to send aftertouch to resonance and breath to filter frequency

    The polyAftertouch conversion happens in three steps
    Triplicator, to convert the poly aftertouch to channel aftertouch
    MidiCensor, to reject anything but the aftertouch
    ControlConverter, to convert aftertouch into modwheel
    This modheel signal is then fed back into the DataReducer

  • alfred_rademakers on said:

    Version 1.3.1 fixes a bug
    There was a bug when recording the bass notes.
    Record loop length now set to 16.

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