S – A ZACH Twisted Lotus

Taking the best parts of Spiral to bring you a new hypnotic pattern.
Knob1 – Control coiledness of the lotus
Knob2 – Control circle radius & speed of the tube runner
Knob3 – Control trails
Knob4 – Control length of tube runner
Knob5 – Control background and tube color

4 comments on “S – A ZACH Twisted Lotus
  • 548892 on said:

    if i wanted to get into making my own patches, how much programming would i need to know?

  • insektgod on said:

    Nice Patch!! Thank You.

  • DudeTheDev on said:

    Having a basic understanding of programming is super helpful, but python is pretty readable if you’ve never tried programming before. I usually look up the pygame library to see what functions I can use, like making a rectangle or a filled circle. I recommend trying to follow the pattern of what a similar patch does. Copy an effect into a new folder and try tinkering with the numbers used in the new effect. For a few of the patches/modes I’ve made, like “T – Isometric Wave”, I pieced it together from code I found on forums for making games with pygame. I searched “isometric grid in pygame” and found the code I use to space out the images of cubes and squares from there. and combining that with code from existing modes, like getting an image out of a folder from one of the image modes. Over time, the small changes in the code can make some pretty neat and fun effects!

  • DudeTheDev on said:

    Thanks for the feedback, insektgod!

    Also, for more help with coding for the eyesy, it may be worthwhile to check out the YouTube KP Kaiser, he did a video series on how to make effects for the etc, the device that came out before the eyesy. The code from another effect I’ve posted, 10 Print, is from that series, check it out!


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