S – A ZACH Spiral

Combining a Runner with some mesmerizing spiraling patterns.
Knob1 – control coiledness of the spiral
Knob2 – Control Spiral Radius & how twisted the tubes are
Knob3 – Control tube radius
Knob4 – Control length of tube runner
Knob5 – Control background and tube color

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  • Category: Effect Video
  • Revision: 1.1
  • License: The Unlicense
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  • Modified: 2 years ago
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8 comments on “S – A ZACH Spiral
  • Syntheist on said:

    This is beautiful, great work!

  • DudeTheDev on said:

    Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it! I’ve just made a revision to make the audio interaction a little more interactive, as well as give knob 2 control over the speed of the runner, in addition to its other uses. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Fraser Bierwirth on said:

    This is the best patch written for this device. Blows all the stock patches out of the water! Thanks! So glad it comes up as the first one now too!

  • DudeTheDev on said:

    It was my pleasure! Thanks for the glowing review! And for taking the time to comment. I really tried to get the most out of each of the settings. I hope this inspires people to mess around with the existing patches and to come up with some fun new ones.

  • Scram Pop on said:

    this is the bees’ knees, finally got the Eyesy today, and have had this running on my mini projector very happily. many thanks

  • Ricardo Baptista on said:

    Thanks! First upload to my new EYESY!

  • DudeTheDev on said:

    Thanks for the positive feedback, y’all :-)!

  • Jo Dd on said:

    This is incredible man thankyou! It’s really sad that the eyesy seems to be forgotten now! I hope people are just taking a break because even the official forum is all tumbleweeds !

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