S – A Spaghetti Monster

Created with the help of Chat GPT, this effect was my attempt at Joy Divisions “Unknown Pleasures” album art. Two horizontal lines display the “audio in” waveform, and echoes of the waveform can be made moving up or down the screen with the persist effect. Uses S -Sound Jaws – Trails as a base.

Knob 1 – The “clench” of the lines, turn all the way for the lines to be centered, if at zero the lines are on the top and bottom border.

Knob 2 – The direction the screen’s “veil” moves. 12 oclock is no motion of the background.

Knob 3 – The opacity of the veil. Keep at 0 and the lines will persist, the higher the knob the faster the lines fade.

Knob 4 – The amount of color variation in the lines, 0 is very fast random colors.

Knob 5 – Background color.

Putting knob 2 just above or below 12 oclock with knob 3 at 0 results in some interesting behavior, causing lines to stack up and make colorful sections.

2 comments on “S – A Spaghetti Monster
  • marc_rosenberg on said:

    If you don’t mind sharing, what was your Chat GPT prompt? TIA

  • dudethedev on said:

    Here’s a link to my chat. It was my first time doing it, there’s a lot of back-and-forth. If you take the last message and compare it to what is in the effect, you can see the tweaks I made to get it in the current state. To be honest, it’s pretty similar to the S – Sound Jaws-AG-Trails effect, but chat gpt changed the shape to a waveform line, and changes the way the audio_in array is accessed. I hope to use chat gpt to come up with some fun and interesting designs and get better at making the effects with fewer prompts.

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