RustedKeys is a Rust-based patch for the Organelle that lets you use the Organelle as a simple MIDI controller.

Features (version 1.1):

– Send MIDI notes via Organelle keyboard
– Send pitch-bend, after-touch (via slider) and up to 16 different CC messages via the Organelle knobs.
– Record up to 12 chords via the Chord Rec page (press Aux to record chord).
– Playback chords using the Chord Play page (first octave of the keyboard plays back the original chords, second octave transposes the last played chord).
– Adjustable settings for chord playback (interval, velocity, humanizer, transposition).
– Adjustable MIDI channel (via Settings page).

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  • Category: Utility
  • Revision: 1.1
  • License: GNU General Public License family
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  • Modified: 2 years ago
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3 comments on “RustedKeys
  • Tolsi on said:

    Nice! Is it open-sourced?

  • icaroferre on said:

    @Tolsi Not yet but my plan is to open source it together with the Rust library that I’m currently working on. This patch will probably be one of the example patches for the library.

  • yoothfilms on said:

    cool patch!

    I have a question though :
    when using it , I can use the 4 left knobs for velocity, aftertouch and stuff, Aux changes the octave, but the Main knob, wehn turned it shows various pages (like CC, settings and all) but those pages won’t open, I just see the title. Is there a way to open those pages, or is it a WIP?

    best regards!

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