rubycon inspired patch

I find Tangerine Dream’s Virgin Years the most inspiring. This patch is based on the famous Rubycon sequence trying to create a Moog-sound and simulate the use of the Moog 960 sequencer as used by Chris Franke.

For the faster part of the sequence Chris Franke was probably using the 960’s 3rd row control of timing on the last 4 steps of the 6 note sequence. This was the main challenge to recreate with VCV Rack modules. I used Count Modula switches to select the notes where the sequence should be faster and a ML triggered switch to switch this feature on/off.
ML triggered switch was also used to select the number of steps of the sequence.
Although I believe ratcheting was only introduced by Chris Franke on Stratosphere, I could not resist to throw some in here as well ;)
The JW Trigs are used to orchestrate the patch.
Finally I added a spacey voice (using a Tangents filter setup seen in a recent Omri Cohen patch) to add to the 70s sound.


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