Logan string machine style synth.

page 1:
viola volume
violin volume

page 2:
LFO depth (modulates the low pass filter)
filter resonance
Filter cutoff

page 3:
chorus voices (1-3)
chorus Rate (also master LFO rate)
Chorus depth
Chorus Mix (dry – vibrato)

Core voice adapted from msghmr’s simple strings


2 comments on “Roganelle
  • Kyle on said:

    New to organelle, loving this patch! Is there anyway to save the current state of it and its knobs? i dial in a sound i like, go to “storage” on the organelle and hit save, but every time I load the patch again its back to it’s default settings. I’m looking at the PD patch of it and trying to make sense of how to change this… Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  • truesleeper on said:

    I’m having the same problem here, can’t save. Too bad, this is one of the best sounding organelle patch ever!
    Any help?

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