A sound generator/effect based on the Mutable Instruments Rings module.

This patch can be used in quite a few ways and id recommend looking at the Rings manual to get an idea of how to use it.

For added fun, Ive followed Rings with a Clouds modules ;)

Note : this is an early ‘beta’ version, it will be changing, also the rngs~ externally included will likely change.

This uses code kindly open sourced by Mutable Instruments, but in no way is supported/endorsed by them.

check out there great eurorack modules here:

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2 comments on “rngs
  • vjess on said:

    Hi Technobear !

    Just a couple of quick questions from a Rings eurorack owner (and abuser ! ).
    Why doesn’t the internal strum react on pressing twice the same note ? It will react on every different note played but never if I strike the same note twice. Is it normal ? By typing these lines, I realise it’s the behaviour of the automatic trigger mode. Basically, it triggers if it detects a change in pitch. Would it be possible to make it trigger on every note press instead ? That’s the way I use the module by simply sending a voltage trigger on the input !

    And the lowest C note on my Organelle keyboard doesn’t send any trigger at all. A bug ? It doesn’t seem to do that in the ORAC version of rngs ;-)

    Thank again for this port !

  • onelittleatlas on said:

    Oh my word. Tehcnobear, this patch is BEAUTIFUL. I don’t own modular synths, i’m a producer but mainly use soft synths with my main instrument being guitar. I’m really into physical modelling sounds and this is great. Never used modular gear so technically your patch is the first taste of it in a way and learning what’s out there. I’ve only just got the Organelle this week so loads to learn about.
    The only thing is you can save one setting, is it possible to modify the patch to save more settings at all?

    Thanks for putting this up, also would you recommend any of your other patches? :)



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