Ripples Sync (A Visual Template for Tempo-Synced Effects)

Have you ever seen the movie “The Butterfly Effect?” I haven’t.

But I think there’s something about ripples in it. Whatever.

I built this patch as a tempo-synced user interface that’s all ripple-y. Press a footswitch, you’ll see what I mean.

To demonstrate how you can use it, I built in a stereo modulated delay, but please do something cooler with it.

Let’s see how you can play with it.

I’m sure you noticed the ripples immediately starting when you loaded the patch. This is your tapped tempo. Tap a new tempo in with the left footswitch. It syncs up!

Let’s turn the effect on. Press the right footswitch. More ripples! Cool.

But where’s the modulation? Press the center footswitch. Even more ripples! And modulation! Wow.

So you wanna know how it works? Read more below.

Page 0 is UI. Fair enough. That’s what you’re here for.

Page 1 is logic for the UI. Your tap tempo is the left column, consisting of a tap-sync LFO and four CV delays. Button [B] is a swing control that controls how long the light stays on. Increase that to make it on for a shorter amount of time while retaining the tempo. The green modules are CV delays. If you want to increase these times while keeping them uniform, there’s a value on button [D] to change that will make adjustments to all of them. Similarly, your last three columns are for your right footswitch. A slew limiter up top to fade the light, four CV delays, and a value at button [7] to increase the ripple time.

Page 2 is IO. Very standard. There’s a slew limiter on there too, connected to the white pixels on page 0. Those have various connection strengths to give the effects.

Page 3 is the delay. Audio panners up top for bypass, delay in green, mixer in blue to bypass it. Super simple.

And that’s all.

Make cool looking UIs for your patches! Hopefully this patch helps you explore that.

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