Ring Crusher

Bit Crusher and Ring mod working together in different frequency ranges at the same time. Best used with an expression pedal which will sweep through sample rates and bit depths to make all kinds of cool crunchy synth noises.

This patch is a great way to add some synthy grit to your favorite sub octave pedal. (makes me feel like John Davis, Janek Gwizdala, or Tim Lefevbre).

The lowest frequencies are passed through un-effected which lets you keep your low end, and helps prevent muddiness.

The ring mod pitch doesn’t really seem to matter much in terms of tuning to a note. It sounds weird enough that when laid over a solid foundation of low end to establish the note, the ring being in tune or not doesn’t really matter. In fact, it actually often sounds better when its out of tune.

Designed to for bass players, but sounds cool on all kinds of stuff (especially drums and keys!)

Left Footswitch / midiCC1 : Bit crusher on/off
Middle Footswitch / midiCC2 : Parallel or serial (The little arrow will light up indicating serial mode)
Right Footswitch / midiCC3 : Ring mod on/off

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