Octophonic, polyrhythmic sound generator.

Based (loosely) on Yamaha Tenori-on’s “Bounce Mode” … and bouncing balls.

AUX button triggers new random bounces for each of the 8 voices (16 possible height variations).

Thanks to those at Critter & Guitari who made “Waterfall up” and “Waterfall Down” patches as I based much of the synth engine on those patches… and donnerbono for guidance on the display and introducing me to the graphics demo.

This is my first organelle patch, all feedback is welcome.

16 comments on “Ricochet
  • xhg on said:

    Looks like a lot of fun! Excellent video too… thanks for sharing this patch!

  • yarnhog on said:

    Omg I’ve been wanting a bounce patch like this so much since the Tenori On app stopped working that I even started learning PureData to work on it. Can’t wait to try it! Thanks so much for making this.

  • twang69 on said:

    This looks and sounds fantastic! What a first patch, hats off! Gonna try this now – thanks for sharing.

  • humanpyramids on said:

    Thanks all for the wonderful feedback, just updated revision 0.2 with externals copied into patch – thanks for spot twang69!

  • yarnhog on said:

    Any trick to getting it to work on the organelle M? I get the prompt to press Aux to create a new bounce but then nothing happens.

  • ricardo on said:

    Same here Yarndog, Hope for help how to fix.

  • humanpyramids on said:

    Hi yarnhog and ricardo,

    Had an issue with playback after copying externals to patch, but all sorted now! Version 0.4 has been uploaded.

    This patch is made on Organelle 1 but I believe should open fine on Organelle M.

    Please let me know if any problems!

  • twang69 on said:

    I confirm that revision 0.4 works without any issues on my Organelle M. Really fun patch that reminds me a lot of the Polygomé M4L patch for the Monome.

  • donnerbono on said:

    This is lots of fun. Thanks for sharing!

  • briefcasefromspace on said:

    getting no sound on organelle m either… has anyone worked it out??

  • twang69 on said:

    @briefcasefromspace: Just download the latest version (0.4) and you’re sorted. works without any issues on the Organelle M.

  • jbls on said:

    I don’t get it in Sync with my external clock. Am I dumb or is there no syncing option yet? :(
    Beside of that! Awesome patch really intuitive and interesting outcome :)

  • humanpyramids on said:

    @jbls: sorry not looked into sync yet, will research this for the next version!

  • stereomax on said:

    Excellent! With Delay all the way down also a nice percussion generator!

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