Rhythm CC

Rhythm CC allows you to set up a series of points, and send an LFO between them. Future versions will expand upon this concept.

Press SHIFT to switch between Ramp Up and Sine LFO.
Use the XY Pad to select a channel and CC number.

Sliders 1 through 8 are used to set the sequence of CC values.
Slider 9 is used to set the rate at which the LFO travels.
Slider 10 is used to visualize the movement of the CC value.

Version 0.2 allows you to resync the LFO on a new bar or beat, and changes “SHIFT” to access a menu containing this option, the waveform selector, and the Channel and CC assignments.

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  • Category: Sequencer
  • Revision: 0.2
  • License: Custom License
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