Rhodes MK2 patches for Obsidian

Here it is, the sampled Rhodes Mk2 in five variations, using almost all available key and velocity ranges of Obsidian’s three sample oscillators.

Each patch has its own sample storage so feel free to delete the ones you don’t need, there’s no samples interdependence between the patches.

The more vintage, un-processed sound with hardly any “bell”

More bell in the lower velocity range, still retaining the bite at higher velocities

More bell throughout the whole velocity range

A wee bit of stereo chorus, phaser and delay added

In-between Raw and RawBell, with tremolo added

3 comments on “Rhodes MK2 patches for Obsidian
  • ajmiller on said:

    Thanks for these – really nice patches.

  • Faland on said:

    Really amazing sounds, once again, thank you.

  • Stark Fvx on said:

    Thanks. Good sound.

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