Reverse Delay

2nd Version of a simple Reverse Delay (stereo).
This should work fine now. Thanks to chrisk!

1. knob: 4 different Presets; add voices, changes octaves
2. knob: Size: Changes the sizes from short to long delay.
3. knob: dry / wet

works well with guitar.

My first patch for the Organelle. Hope, someone likes it.

Btw: Thanks to everyone supporting this great tool!!

8 comments on “Reverse Delay
  • Ben Norland on said:

    Does not seem to be a complete patch. Am I missing something?

  • Hymnosiac on said:

    hi ben,
    is it not working? To few parameters to edit?
    I tried to keep it really simple, so all settings work fine.
    Useful for me with guitar in my hands.
    (btw. the pic is not the full patch…)

  • Hymnosiac on said:

    …and it is stereo.

  • chrisk on said:

    @Ben Norland, I think you just need to put the file in a folder called ‘Reverse Delay’ (or whatever you want). With the Organelle, every patch needs to have its own folder and a PD file inside it called ‘main.pd’

    @Hymnosiac, you might want to re-upload a version where the main.pd file is in a folder and then zipped up. (or not!)

  • Hymnosiac on said:

    Reverse Delay is in a zipped folder now.

  • chrisk on said:


  • metakephoto on said:

    This patch works great with am/fm radio at 100% wet, then add a bunch of knob turning with preset changes and delay time. Hopefully someday it’ll get a 4th knob function :)

  • chkbeto on said:

    This is my favorite patch in the organelle, thank you so much!

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