ReSlice randomizer

ReSlice randomizer is a MIDI processor which is made to work in conjunction with an external sequencer and ReSlice sampler. It consists of 4 units being triggered by incoming notes from an external sequencer (C2, C#2, D2, D#2). User loads long sample made of several (up to 4*8 samples) slices into ReSlice, then sets loaded sample count in ReSlice Randomizer. When an incoming note is received by any of those 4 units, Randomizer sends random non-repeating note from the specified for the unit note range. This filter can be used for random playback of grouped samples.

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  • Harro on said:

    This script only works when the host is running, but it keeps outputting notes after the host has stopped!
    Also: I have no clue where to input the ‘sample count’ (or slice-count, if that’s what you mean) in this GUI, because I always get the same output: Turning the 4 value-knobs only shows the (changing) number of chords on the 4 pads, but the output is always randomized notes between C2 and D#2…,

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