Resize SD

for Organelle-1 only

Ive just released a patch onto PatchStorage that will maximise the patch storage on your SD Card,
without any technical linux wizardry , to fully utilise your sdcard size!

whats this mean?
the standard C&G SD card image, will use 8GB of your SD Card, 4GB for the OS, and 4GB for patch storage **regardless** of the size of your SD Card, so if you have a 16GB card, your still limited to 4GB for patches/samples.
After running ResizeSD, that 16GB will now have 4GB for OS, and 12GB for your patches and samples :)

this is a non-destructive process, so your patches/samples will not be hurt in the process.

so before you do this you must have already installed the C&G OS 3.1 SD Card image – this will mean you have 4GB for OS and a 4GB patch partition, regardless of the size of your SD Card.

## Using ResizeSD

first install it…
– download from patchstorage,
– transfer to organelle patch directory
– select install ResizeSD

I repeat this is **not** a destructive process, but Id recommend you patch patches/samples if they are important to you… I take no responsibility for anything that might go wrong.
(standard disclaimer really… and you are backing up regularly anyway aren’t you ;) )

now to run it
this is a two stage process, so you will run it twice.
– run it – first time it will tell you its going to “Recreate the Partition”, then tell you reboot at the end…
– shutdown your organelle, and restart it
– run it again, this time it will tell you its going to “Resize the partition”

thats it your done (you don’t have to reboot after second time)

you can now delete the ResizeSD patch, as you won’t need it anymore :)

how do you know its done?
unfortunately the patch manager doesn’t report size, so if you really feel like you need to check you will need to connect a monitor to HDMI, and keyboard and type

df -h /sdcard

this will report a bit less that you expect, e.g. 16gb will report 11gb rather than 12gb, but much more than the previous 3.7gb :)

for support go to:

(I do not respond to questions/comments on patch storage, only C&G forum)

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  • Prnts on said:

    This is really nice. Thanks for taking the time to make the process easier!

  • Whollyrandom on said:

    … any chance of updating this for the (my brand shiny new) Organelle-M..?

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