Resample Reverb

While current LVX firmware 1.1 doesn’t feature an actual resample mode for the internal looper, where you can add and re-record LVX FX on top of the looper content, you can get close with this preset: It allows sending short bits of music into a reverb-ish sound, and recording them. First, record a loop into the LVX looper. Then, go to this preset. Use an expression pedal hooked up to the LVX to bring in the reverb. Turn the C1 knob CW to send the current loop part into the reverb. Turn C2 knob to put the looper in POST MIX location to record the loop trail.

It is very hard to pull this of with the C1 and C2 knobs properly, so I used an external MIDI controller (Pirate MIDI BRIDGE4) in the vid to get the job done.

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