Zoom MS

Theres a growing following for these multistomp devices, many people love them due to their versatility and huge ammounts of tones and effects one can create, its sort of the little brother to the zoia empress device, but mainly for guitar and effects.

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13 comments on “Zoom MS
  • gabriel on said:

    there are many videos on youtube on this pedal and no community exclusively for uploading tone and sound design patches. this could be a perfect place for people to upload them.

  • boi-mooi on said:

    Yes let’s GOOOOOO!!!

  • boi-mooi on said:

    Another one for good measure ;)

  • nosajgnirps on said:

    This immensely popular platform deserves a good home for community sharing. It’s a moral imperative!

  • hgvkhnssn on said:

    Yes! Let’s have all the great patches that’s exist on one site and not on 5 different subreddits :)

  • boi-mooi on said:

    So how would this even work?
    Never used this site 😅😅

  • andrex348 on said:

    I’d love to have a central repo for this stuff!

  • triff on said:


  • gabriel on said:

    yeah i was thinking that, the only thing is that the editor lets you export the full patch set, so you would have to dig into the desired patch to upload the individual .zip file, i looked into it for a bit and its not difficult at all. also, as a side project im re-touching the editor interface to make it look more modern and friendly, prob gonna take me a little bit since im currently in a couple of projects already.

  • rs2000 on said:

    A vote here for other MS series pedals too, including the MS-70CDR and the great MS100BT.
    TXT files could list settings for each effect chain.

  • alphaeri on said:

    Yeah. I vote for all MS pedals

  • nihil on said:

    The Zoom community could really benefit from this.

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