Elektron Digitakt

Eight voice digital drum computer & sampler.
Digitakt is a compact sampling drum machine that is capable of summoning monstrous beats or conjuring delicately layered samplescapes, before setting you up to unleash your creation using Elektron’s live-friendly sequencer. Drum machines are something of an Elektron speciality, but this is only half of Digitakt’s story. Watch it weave a spectrum of meticulously crafted sounds into any tale. Let the machine do the talking, and see where the story leads.

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3 comments on “Elektron Digitakt
  • jparty on said:

    Now that Elektron Transfer allows backup of complete projects + samples, patchstorage can be used to share projects between Elektronauts.
    Note: The Platform File Extensions field in the submission form doesn’t accept the dtprj format so it’s currently marked as zip, but if this gets approved the format will be dtprj

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