A phrase repeater, it automatically grabs snippets of sound and plays them back (only once) in interesting ways. It’s like a delay, but with a twist; there’s no Delay Time control (?!)… Instead it determines fragment size based on playing dynamics, which offers unique and surprisingly intuitive looping options.
Four loopers take turns grabbing snippets, so longer older phrases can be overtaken by shorter newer phrases. Snippets can be played back time-stretched/compressed, sped up/down, and reversed (Left stomp), and a reverb can gently drown everything into atmospheric cloudscapes.
It does plenty of things, but it’s especially good as an intuitive, full wet reverse solo effect!

(special thanks to Christopher, for the educative back-and-forth discussions on ‘dynamic looping’, amongst other things)


All controls are on PAGE0 (picture found below), most are CV Values:

TOP MIDDLE = MIX (from 100% dry to 100% repeater)
2ND ROW LEFT = LOOP SPEED (-1 is 50% speed [-1 octave], 1 is 200% speed [+1 octave], Neutral is at 0.)
2ND ROW RIGHT = TIME STRETCH (-1 is 100% slower, 1 is 100% faster, without pitch shifting, Neutral is at 0)
3RD ROW LEFT = REVERB MIX (from 0% verb, to full wet. Only affects repeated phrases)
3RD ROW RIGHT = REVERB TIME (from short to about 8 seconds)
4TH ROW MIDDLE = SENSITIVITY (sets the Envelope trigger threshold, set to taste to match dynamic input [watch ENV indicators])
5TH ROW MIDDLE = SIZE (set shorter to enable feedback in the Envelope Sensitivity, resulting in shorter max length of fragments)

LEFT STOMP = Toggle Reverse/Forward playback.

ENV INDICATORS (corner grid buttons) = If these blink to RED, signal level is triggering Looper record.
SIZE INDICATORS (around corner buttons) = If these light up max SIZE time is almost reached, and fragments will be ‘done’. Also turns white to indicate ‘Reverse’ is active.


>>>Set SENS control to match dynamics; look at ENV INDICATORS to determine if stuff is being grabbed. If you set this low, you can quite accurately manually determine phrase size by ‘interrupting’ your playing.

>>> Set SIZE to taste; if SIZE is set small, it will be more like a ‘regular delay’, but I prefer keeping it at max, to get up to 8 second fragments overlapping and merging!

>>> Time Stretch can be interesting (mostly when slowed down) and quite destructive; a pitch shifter corrects for the ‘natural pitch shift’ from slowing down the looper (weak attempt at a Tensor here..). The Reverb can do a lot here to make stretched/slowed phrases blend in a bit more smoothly.

>>> I really like the ‘natural’ reverse effect this does; all Playback settings in neutral, mild verb, and just Reverse; it’s super intuitive to play, and will keep most phrases intact before reversing them! Try it yourself!

>>> NOTE: 4 Loopers should usually be (more than) enough to keep grabbing an playing new phrases, but if you slow down AND time-stretch everything, it’s common that all 4 loopers are still playing back while you’re playing new phrases. They simply won’t record until there’s ‘empty’ loopers available again (you wouldn’t really want more than 4 stacked loopers overlapping anyway..).

>>> NOTE: With the Loopers set to ‘Once’ mode, they seem to have some bug where they DON’T have anything actually recorded after Rec is stopped. This could be due to how I trigger them to record, but it just means that ‘sometimes’ a phrase won’t be played back.


Alright, this idea has been brewing for a while now, and I think I can take it a bit further! Not time to work on it now, so braindumping my ideas here. Here’s the plan:
>>> One stompswitch should DISABLE all new recordings, going into a ‘frozen’ mode, so your playing will keep re-phrasing the 4 moments stored in the loops (ideally it would ‘queue’ a switch, so that the last recording has time to finish when you push it…)
>>> If I make this Stompswitch a Flexi-switch, it could do a MANUAL phrase record upon a long-press (wondering if I could make this work in both ‘live’ and ‘frozen’ mode…) If Flexi-switching is too complex, maybe use the 3rd Stomp do this; else the 3rd stomp could Disable all loop playback, but keep recordings going…
>>> I could add 4 Pushbuttons on Page 0, so you could actually ‘play’ the patch as a 4 note sampler!

>>> EXP pedal would be cool to have here, since you could ‘morph’ most settings from [Neutral] to [Whatever] using a simple Multiplier.


Alright, try it out, have fun, let me know what you think!

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7 comments on “Rephrase
  • [WZ] on said:

    Awesome clip, thanks Brock!

  • BROCKSTAR on said:

    Why was this one modified? What are the changes? Thanks!

  • [WZ] on said:

    Oh shoot, didn’t realize updating the text would re-trigger notifications!
    Sorry, nothing changed (yet), but I wrote down my IDEAS/PLANS for future reference; it’s gonna get some nice new features in a while! Let me know what you think, or what you’d like to see added/changed as well Brock!

    (P.S. I’m in the middle of house reconstruction works, so little ZOIA action for me for a number of weeks..)

  • GovernorSilver on said:

    Fun patch! The speed controls don’t seem to work at the moment but I guess it’s part of the same change that Brockstar referred to?

  • [WZ] on said:

    Hi, glad you like it!

    Speed works, I’ve tested thoroughly (in fact, I think that’s what Brock mainly uses it for; a string-like padding by setting speed to 50%), but it does interact with the Stretch control, maybe that’s throwing you off?

    Say you increase ‘Stretch’ to 1 (playback 2x faster) and reduce ‘Speed’ to 0 (half speed and 1 Oct down) they cancel each other out and you end up with just a 1 Oct down pitch shift. Make sense? If not, please tell me what you think is broken!

  • EnMused on said:

    This is a beautiful patch. Thanks!

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