Remote 4 – a utility patch for multi-button controllers and bread-and-butter audio

ZOIA is the ultimate utility box, and this patch sits at slot #0 on my unit. It is equal parts multi-button control and bread-and-butter audio routing.

Thanks to chmjacques for the Tips and Tricks entry on Comparator switches; this patch would not exist without that logic.

– Multi-button controller (Remote 4, FXS-3, etc) and TRS cable to connect to ZOIA
– Set Cport to CV
– If using MIDI mappings, appropriate MIDI cables from 1/8″ output

Essentially this patch adds logic for use with an external multi-button controller. This can be used to control looper parameters without using the on-board stomps, for example. There are templates for additional MIDI mapping to extend this control to external pedals, turning the ZOIA into your central MIDI hub.

Additionally, there is audio routing for some bread-and-butter processing: compressor, EQ, reverb lite, and a looper.

Page 0 – switches
Display page to reflect current state. Top four UI buttons serve as a reminder for which control set you’re using and the sequencer (advanced by a long hold on button 4) will advance to follow suit.
Also shows when buttons 1-4 are being pressed on the external controller.

Page 1 – logic
Four sets of comparators to differentiate which switches are being pressed. Cport input must be set to CV here, and some tinkering of the pos/neg inputs of the comparators may be necessary depending on the external stomp used.

Page 2 – flexi
Flexi-switch routing for short versus long press of button 4. Long hold will advance the sequencer to the next control set.

Page 3 – midi select
Template for control set routing. Each cv out switch takes input from the four buttons and will send that control to one of the four destinations based on the position of the sequencer on page 0.
Currently only the first set is active (for the looper).

Page 4 – audio
Stereo in, compressor, EQ (mostly 3dB boosts for each stage), reverb lite. Buffer delays prevent phase issues.

Page 5 – looper
Dual loopers which showcase how a multi-button controller can be used.
Button A mutes the VCA to the audio output, effectively silencing the looper.
Button B records (no overdubs).
Button C stops the playback.
Button D (short press) toggles pitch from neutral to +1 to -1.

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