Relaxing Rhythms

I started experimenting with Audible / Mutable Instruments Tides, here it’s in the yellow oscillator mode, synced to the clock provided by Marbles’ t2 output. I’m modulating the frequency (clock division) with an LLFO to get the “waves” you see on the scope. I’m using two of its outputs to modulate the level and morph of Plaits. This goes into Chronoblob, which I’ve been enjoying a lot lately in making rhythmic stuff. This goes into Plateau for “some” reverb. This is Track 1.

Track 2 is just more reverb with Clouds derived from the Plaits output. Track 3 is the Plaits output by itself without delay and reverb and a lower-pitched FM-OP getting the same rhythm and notes (all coming from Marbles) mixed together. Track 4 is a filtered evenVCO for bass. Same with Track 5 but here we’re an octave higher and I’m opening and closing the cutoff from time-to-time (using a combination of an LLFO and a triggered AD envelope). The filtered evenVCO goes into (another) Clouds which in granular mode adds some nice texture to this sound, which you can hear on Track 6. Some kick drums from Autodafe triggered by a Count Modula trigger sequencer on Track 7 and hi hats on Track 8.

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