Regenera is a generative ambient patch based on Befaco, Mutable (Audible) Instruments, Bog Audio and VCV fundamental Modules.

Key modules used:
– Befaco: Rampage, Befaco Muxlicer, Even VCO, A + B * C and Slew Limiter
– Audible (Mutable) Instruments: Segment Generator (Stages), Macro Oscillator 2 (Plaits), Resonator (Rings), EQ Filter (Shelves), Texture Synthesizer (Clouds), Random Sampler (Marbles).
– Geodesics: Pulsars
– Bog Audio: LLFO, ADDR, Dual S&H,
– VCV: WT VCO, Quantizer
– MSM: Dual Delay
– Valley: Plateau… what is a sound without plateau?
– Mindmeld: Mixmaster

Tidy Patch: Not Really… better than usual
Color Coding: Yes

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