Red Moon (Drone)

Doepferish A-100 System rebuilt in vcvrack is the base for this Drone. The core tune is E, the second oscillator changes from time to time.

Setting up the Drone:
Connect the gate inputs from the Sample and Hold unit with the Mult (linked to clock) and wait for SK What Note to desplay the Tune you wish for. Of course there are other ways to get the tune you want, but that’s the one I opted for.

The windy effects are created with noise. LFO’s and the Wave-Division Module create a tiny bit of modulation and thicken the sound.


In the future I will upload the doepferish A-100 System without the reverb and tell a little more of what I puzzled together.

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  • Revision: 1.0
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  • matttttttttttttt on said:

    cool project,but could you post the plug-in you used?

  • matttttttttttttt on said:

    especially the smoke one,seems unfindable

  • matttttttttttttt on said:

    man,found a rebuild module of smoke plug-in on github for vcvrack 1.1.6(windows) connected the dones as you did,but doesn’t reproduce music,could you help me?

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