Recjam+ is a multicore port of Loop Jam Rec for Orac with some slight changes.

There is now only a rec mode as the sequencer and loop toggle have been taken out and the reverb has been changed to a delay.

Samples can be saved to any of the 24 kits located at /media/samples/kit-# by going to the extra page and clicking the aux

This can in theory can be used in place of percussions+ if mono files are used.

4 comments on “Recjam+
  • arkanisgath on said:

    Hey, my ORHACK crashes instantly when loading it into one of the slots. Do you have any idea why?

  • t8r on said:

    Yes. My apologies, I will update this soon but the issue is in the module.PD where the message PD start recjam.PD is, it needs to read PD start -nogui recjam.pd. When developing multicore modules I don’t include that flag so I can edit the module while its running but it only works when the vnc server is running. Adding the -nogui flag prevents the process from opening which allows it to run when a desktop environment isn’t active but you can’t make changes on the fly to it

  • arkanisgath on said:

    Okay, just wanted to ask. Thank you!

  • slipperyslim on said:

    Getting the same as arkanisgath :)

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