re.corder.moz – for artinoise re.corder

provides various MIDI tweaks and enhancements
for artinose re.corder

short demo/teaser video:

Requires an iPad or iPhone and Mozaic:

… and an AUv3 host, such as AUM:

… and at least one synth. Highly recommended: Respiro (free!):

… for rotator mode, a polyphonic synth is required. Recommended: OB-Xd:
and/or Moog Model D:

How to use:
* Set Mozaic to listen for incoming MIDI from re.corder
* Set desired synths/samplers to listen for MIDI from Mozaic
(do NOT route re.corder’s MIDI anywhere other than to Mozaic)
* Edit preferences in @OnLoad (details in comments)
* There are no GUI/AUv3 controls for now
* Have fun!

Script can be configured to work with any fingering mode
that includes at least one note for “command” purposes
that you don’t ever plan to actually play as a real note.

It is NOT recommended that you use the re.corder’s
built-in octave shift buttons while using this script,
as doing so will affect the note numbers that the script
listens for in order to execute commands.
Instead, use the octave/interval transpose options
provided by the script’s command mode.

Currently implemented features:

Adaptive de-glitching:
* reduces unwanted notes across difficult legato fingering transitions
* dynamically adjusts de-glitch delay relative to previous note duration

Adaptive glide:
* dynamically adjusts portamento/glide time based on performance:
* legato articulation (tongued notes = no glide)
* breath pressure (more breath = faster glide)
* note duration (longer notes = slower glide)

Breath/note sync:
* keeps breath pressure CC messages consistent with note-on/off
* makes sure breath CC value is zero when no note should be sounding
* re-sends previous breath CC value on note-on

CC transformations:
* various mix-and-match CC re-map / modifier options
* includes support for CC-to-pitchbend conversions

Rotator mode:
* Brecker-style chord rotator
* configurable rotating intervals
* outputs to a separate channel

Command mode:
* one special trigger note initiates commands
* subsequent notes perform various functions:
* transpose (octaves and/or intervals within octave)
* program change
* toggle adaptive glide mode
* toggle rotator mode
* MIDI panic (cc123 all notes off)
* command notes are also passed through
on a separate configurable channel
so that the host or other plug-ins/apps
can respond to them

plans/ideas for future development…

* drone mode
* chord mapper
* various looper functions
* backing track select/play/stop
* CC to note-on/off velocity conversion

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