RCD Slew Sequencer


This sequencer uses four clocks to drive two Revolving Clock Divider modules.  The top RCD’s outputs are fed to 8 inputs on the first two 4×1 Mixer modules.  The bottom RCD’s outputs are run individually through slew limiters and then used to control the mixing level of each of the 8 pulses from the top RCD.  The signal is run through another slew limiter, then a quantizer, and finally another slew limiter for a final 1/oct output.  I picked an output on the bottom RCD for the sequencer’s gate, but really, it could be connected to any of the clock outputs.  In Revolve mode, the quantizer’s output is fed back into the Revolve input, creating some interesting growling and purring textures.  Channel 3 on the 3rd 4×1 Mixer module adds value to the sequence with the knob attached to the text via, translating the range of notes upwards.  Every knob and button except channel 4 on the 3rd 4×1 Mixer is interactive in this sequencer.  Feel free to make or break connections, especially the sync connections on the clocks.  For more information about each module, see their corresponding metadata.

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