Random Noodling 8

Old School sequencing with a random, evolving feel.
Today’s exercise is using multiple sequences stored within trowaSoft’s voltSeq sequencer utilising its ability to have multiple channels to store different sequences on each… Then a Sequential Gate is used, to switch between the difference channels.. and a Bernoulli is used to randomly step back and forth through the sequential switch. The 8 sequences used are all fairly similar to one another with just small changes made to each. This gives an end result of an evolving sequence over time rather than just 8 different sequences being randomly played. The Micromacro sequencer is being used to sequence key changes and play the Bass notes to re-enforce the key changes. A Turning machine is being used to generate random but repeatable filter opening sequences. Finally I also use a couple of bernoulli gates to add additional 16th notes to 8th note gates for random rhythmic variation.

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  • djwollie on said:

    Great big part of noodles, around 200 BPM sound as the good old Kraftwerke

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