Random Autoplay

What is this for?

Load some audio into ten loopers, and the pedal will do the hard job of choosing what loop plays. The best part of this patch? It will also choose when it chooses what loop to play.

Pretty cool. Put some chords in to make a random chord selector for inspiration. Put some notes in for a melody maker. Put anything in for cool things.

Your right footswitch is a latching footswitch that will start and stop recording for each loop. After stopping recording, it will automatically advance to the next loop, and will cycle back around from looper 10 to looper 1, giving you the ability to overwrite on the fly (no overdubs here, folks). You’ll see which loop is recording by seeing the big red record symbol and one of 10 colored lights on the second-most-outer columns.

Your left footswitch puts the looper into play mode. This allows for looped audio and dry signal to pass. You’ll see which loop is playing by the colored lights on the outer-most column while the play symbol is present.

Your middle footswitch activates a gate which gives a random chance of an octave up/double speed controller on all loopers. You can see this is active by the super cool upwards illumination in the sixth column.

The white value module on page 0, button C, is a sort of speed knob for how quickly the loop changes. Rather than a straightforward speed control, think of it as a “probability the loop will change” control. A value of 1 makes it change often and quickly, and a value of 0 will cause it to stop.

So there’s that. Let’s talk points of modification interest.

Page 1, button E. This is the right footswitch. You may want to change this to be latching for longer phrases or more precise start/stop points.

Pages 2 and 3 contain all the loopers. If you want to add reverse or make a few of them different speeds or something, do it.

Page 4, 4, 7, and 0. These are how quickly the loop changes. Adjust some speeds if you want to increase or decrease overall.

Page 5, I and K. These are random LFO speeds for your probablility for octave up. Increase these if you want quicker changes.

Page 5, E. This is the probability for octave up when the middle footswitch is active. DECREASE this value if you want MORE octave up.

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  • dbmyane on said:

    Cool patch! My problem is that the stompswitches don’t work as described. Any help you can provide is helpful. Thanks!

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