Specifically patched for the Elektron Analog 4 and Roland TR-8.

The A4 takes its MIDI from MIDI A on channels 1-4.

The TR-8 takes its MIDI from MIDI B on Channel 1

The third pipe sends MIDI notes to the A4 on channel 1, the forth pipe takes that note and processes it through an arp, transpose, delay and distributes those notes to channels 1-4 with some added randomisation and chance.

The fifth pipe takes the same note from the third pipe that plays the A4 on channel 1 and sends that note to the TR-8 through and arp, delay, looper, with some additional randomisation and chance.

The last two pipes control the TR-8’s delay parameters 16(level) and 17(time) respectively with LFO’s and randomness, these seem to behave strangely depending on what notes have been played resulting in resets and stopping the delay for periods.
To get the most out of the delay parameter set it up to be on all steps on a blank pattern, you can use it on all instruments or add it to your taste on only a few.

MIDI in A receives notes.
MIDI in B receives clock.

All the above is subject to my specific set up and worked well with the sounds and levels I was using.

I hope you find some inspiration and create something unique with this patch- Random Knobhead.

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