Rampaging Wasps

This patch features Befaco Rampage function generators and Doepfer Wasp filters. The kick, snare, and pitched percussive sounds are all created by Rampage attack decay envelopes pinging the Wasp Filters in high pass mode. One Rampage attack decay envelope is used as a master clock to drive the gate sequencer, sync the delay, and trigger the pitched percussion pings. The kick and snare are triggered by the gate sequencer.

Press the button in the lower left corner to start/stop the patch. You can mute individual voices with fade using the MUTE buttons toward the lower right corner.

Note this patch was created using Befaco version 2.4.0, which has a bug creating chatter at the end of envelope tails while in fast mode. This works great for my snare sound, but the buggy chatter is eliminated in Befaco version 2.5.0, which breaks the snare sound. I have a new version of Rampaging Wasps that works with Befaco 2.5 at https://patchstorage.com/rampaging-wasps-fixed-for-befaco-v2-5/

The associated video is from a live Virtual Open Mic performance on September 11, 2023 where I improvise using a Native American style flute along with the patch. The flute distortion was added after the performance using the new AudioThing/Hainbach Lines plugin.

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