A basic mono synth built around a Ramp function and a glitchy Scrambler, it’s Rambler!

I’ve had my Organelle 3 days, this is my first PD patch!

Rambler is a basic single oscillator mono synth taking input from the Organelle keyboard.

When a note is received from the keyboard, Rambler starts a ramp up to full level and then ramps back down to zero. This gives a basic fade in/out from a single keypress.

Knob1 controls the total length of the ramp up/down operation in milliseconds. The range is 1,000ms to 20,000ms.

Knob2 is the octave for keyboard input. 0 = standard pitch, -12 drops it an octave, -24 drops 2 octaves. Turning knob2 all the way to the left will give -24, all the way to the right is 0 and -12 happens somewhere in between the two. Essentially 3 positions.

Knob 3 controls the rate of the scrambler component by changing the rate of a metronome outputting regular bangs. These bangs trigger a random velocity modifier that takes the oscillator signal and attenuates it so with each bang you end up with a signal that is either unaffected or attenuated by a random amount. This happens at an interval set by the scrambler rate in milliseconds.

Knob 4 controls the amount of scrambler signal, ranging from 0% to 100%. 0% is all clean signal with no scrambler, 100% is just scrambler and no clean signal.

Finally there is a simple 10s delay with 5 not-quite-evenly-spaced repeats bouncing from left to right channels and a basic display on line 5 showing progress through the current note’s ramping envelope.

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5 comments on “Rambler
  • Syntheist on said:

    Great work, I like how quickly it get weird.

  • nicolasbulb on said:

    Hi, nice but with my Organelle 1, os 4.0, I have some unwanted clicks that doesn’t seem to be part of your patch. Any ideas, why?

  • Rushcutter on said:

    Nicolasbulb if I understand you correctly those clicks are meant to be there! When the level is attenuated at the almost final stage there is no ramping on the attenuation so you often get a click or pop depending on the amount of attenuation. I was going for a kind of glitchy feel. Thanks for posting my friend.

  • metakephoto on said:

    Beautiful sounding patch, thanks for posting.

  • Peter_Marsh on said:

    This is lovely. Thankyou!

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