Rainbow Velocity

Note display style using rainbow colors to visualize velocity levels.

The wide color range allows to classify the different velocities by their color.

The zip includes two css files, one using the default color for the labels, the other using white labels with added shading.


Either use the two style files as they are or change the label visibility or enable gradient / round styling by modifying the ‘easy config’ variables at the top of the css file with a text editor.

Works both in dark and light theme mode.

How to install
– Download the zip file to your iDevice.
— Either move it to iCloud Drive/Atom/Piano Roll 2.x/Styles and unpack it there
— Or uncompress in the Download folder and then move the two css files to iCloud Drive/Atom/Piano Roll 2.x/Styles
— Or uncompress in the Download folder and use drag and drop from the Files app to Atom to install the css styles
Don’t forget to delete the zip file after installing the styles

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  • BJamminSinceBirth on said:

    I couldn’t get it to work. I tried to drop the files but it’s blocking them.

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