Ryoji Ikeda / Alva Noto / Harsh noise type patches?

Hello friends!! Does anyone know of any preexisting patches that can generate harsh noise walls or Ryoji Ikeda / Alva Noto-type compositions for the organelle? I’m thinking dual sine waves that can be independently detuned, all flavors of white, brown or pink noise and the ability to control their volumes or mute them as needed. So far I use the Lyra 8, Xenakis, Noisething, gendy and pansonic to generate these types of sounds. I LOOOOOOOVE harsh noise and anything that can cross-modulate or manipulate it. The Pansonic and gendy come close but I need more control. If they were ported to orac it would be game over.

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  • geis on said:

    I’m very interested in this subject/sound too. Haven’t come across anything, but have been suprised how some jamming on ORAC sometimes does end up in this genre.

    But as an inspiration: Supercollider does come with an example patch that is 100% this ‘harch noise sound’. Replicating that patch inside PD to study this sound is on my to-do list, but didn’t have time yet.
    I’m talking about this file;


    a study for recreating key (sound) aspects of data.microhelix by Ryoji Ikeda.
    Batuhan Bozkurt 2009 http://www.earslap.com

  • c_hillmaker on said:

    Maybe not exactly a harsh noise generator, but Light-Cycles can do some Ryoji-style sequencing. I did my version of this with some sine wave and noise samples. The stutter keys make this pretty on-point too. I imagine the harsher the noise samples and deeper the bass tones, the closer you will get to your goal.

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