Organelle as a pocket digital recorder

I’m looking for a patch that would work as a pocket digital recorder?
I would like to record long samples, play them, rename them, recut them and store / organize them with the oranelle without having to connect the organelle to a computer. Does that exist? My research has been in vain.
Thank you.

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3 comments on “Organelle as a pocket digital recorder
  • pswyoming on said:

    Did you find anything? If not I’d be happy to help you build something

  • jns.hz on said:

    Nice, thank you.
    I still haven’t found it.
    I bought an organelle thinking about getting started with Pure Data. But at the moment I really don’t have the time. I’m using the pre-existing patches which is already very nice. In my case, helping myself = doing everything for me. Thank you anyway.

  • David_Warden on said:

    There is already a patch for this on organelle called recorder. Check it out.

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