How to sample guitar or anything using organelle ?

Hi there, I’m trying to figure out to how to use the Organelle and I can’t find anywhere how I record into the organelle to use as a sample.
I want to sample an omnichord and a guitar to be able to play them back as chordal pads. At the moment I can only play guitar through the effects and that’s it. Could somebody give me some help with this. Thank you

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2 comments on “How to sample guitar or anything using organelle ?
  • Andrew Hendrix on said:

    You have to be using a sampler patch in order to sample, something like the Nori Sampler

  • Karima Francis on said:

    Ok thank you for your help.

    Are you able to send over some instructions on how to do this I can’t find anything online for how to record a guitar chord and play across the keys.

    It would be super helpful!

    Thank you :)

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